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Dan Siroker’s new startup Scribe automates Zoom note-taking

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Dan Siroker’s new startup Scribe automates Zoom note-taking

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 Optimizely co-founder Dan Siroker (Dan Siroker) said that the idea of ​​his new startup Scribe can be traced back to some personal experiences. Although Scribe's first product focuses on Zoom, these experiences have nothing to do with Zoom.

Instead, Siroker recalled turning a deaf ear to his ears, and then had an "epiphany" the first time he wore a hearing aid because he recovered the feeling he thought he was lost.

He said: "It was really a spark. It made me think about other opportunities to strengthen things that your body can't naturally bear."

If I noticed that Siroker founded Optimizely with Pete Koomen in 2010, then stepped down as CEO in 2017, and was acquired by Episerver last year for this testing and personalization startup, this may be fresh in your memory. (Now Episerver itself has been renamed Optimizely.)

Today, Siroker is now the CEO of Scribe, and the company is registering its first product. The product integrates into Zoom meetings and converts them into searchable, shareable transcripts.

Siroker demonstrated it for me during our Zoom call. Scribes will appear as other participants in the meeting, recording video and audio at the same time as the real-time audiobook. During or after the meeting, users can edit the transcript, watch or listen to the relevant moments in the recording and highlight the main points.

From a technical point of view, none of this is a huge breakthrough, but the seamlessness of the experience left a deep impression on me – just by adding one participant, I got a complete record of the conversation and a searchable transcript. I can check it later, including when I wrote this story

Although Scribe is recording meetings, Siroker said he hopes it will be more of a note-taking alternative than a tape recorder.

He said: "Assuming you and I are in a meeting, and I am attending the meeting with pen and paper, I am writing down what you mean." "This is completely acceptable in society-in some ways, this Very flattering... If instead, I brought a tape recorder, fell in front of you, and created a record-you may actually have this experience-with some people, it feels very different Up."

He believes that the key is that Scribe's recordings and transcripts can be edited, and you can also turn on or off each component at any time.
He said: "This is not a permanent record." "This is a shared artifact that all of us created during a meeting. Just like Google Doc, you can go back and make changes."

In other words, Scribe may still record some embarrassing comments, and these records may eventually cause trouble to the participants. (After all, the leaked company meeting records have caused many news reports.) Siroker said he hopes this situation is "uncommon", but he also argues that if this happens occasionally, it may enhance transparency and accountability. .

Scribe raised approximately $5 million in funding in a round led by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and another round led by First Round Capital.

Siroker told me that he thinks Zoom is just a "beachhead" for Scribe's ambitions. In the next step, the company will add support for products such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. In the end, he hopes to build a new "beehive mindset" for an organization that is "smarter and better" for everyone, because they can now search for so many conversations and knowledge.

He said: "The goals we pursue really depend on where we think we can have the greatest positive impact on people’s lives." , To strike the right balance between privacy and control, then you can really encourage people to accept this approach in a win-win manner."
If Scribe truly fulfills our mission of helping us record and recall information in a variety of situations, will this affect our natural ability to remember things?

He replied: "Yes, the answer is yes." "Your brain has limited energy... Remember what someone said a few weeks ago, a computer can do amazing things. Why waste your precious brain cycles?"

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